Looking for a good investment?
Growing tropical fruits is profitable.

Plant the best tropical
fruit varieties from
around the world

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Our Fruit Trees and Plants

Mangoes: 26 of the best varieties from all over the world. Widest selection in the Philippines.

Durian: 10 of the best varieties from Thailand, Malaysia, and Davao.

6 of the best Thai varieties
(5 sweet, 1 sour).

Coconuts: Some of the best varieties in the world, including the famous Thai Aromatic Sweet (pandan-flavored water), Phil. Sweet Selection, Phil. Dwarf (early-bearing, high-yielding), etc.

Pomelo: varieties from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Davao, and China (giant 3kg fruit).

Rambutan: varieties from Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Various varieties from the Philippines.

Ornamental Palms:
Bismark (reputedly the most beautiful palm tree in the world), Latania Red, Foxtail Palm (available in seedlings and full-grown), etc.

varieties from Thailand
and Davao.

Lanzones: best varieties from Malaysia and Thailand (seedless, sweet, latex-less).

Various other Philippine fruits: Atis, Chico, Caimito, Duhat, Jackfruit, Siniguelas, etc.

Bamboo: Hawaiian Smooth (fencing and typhoon windbreak), Philippine Giant (furniture).

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Who We Are

We are a company primarily engaged in the sales of planting materials for tropical fruit trees. But aside from our core business, we also provide technically-feasible, financially viable, socially-acceptable, and environmentally-safe technologies and services which include:

  • Organic farming advisory
  • Provision of technical advice, training, and capacity-building on fruit-growing
  • Design of tropical fruit orchards/plantations, tropical fruit-based ecotourism parks, and genebanks
  • Conducting site-suitability surveys

Our clients include:

  • Farmers
  • OFW investors
  • Personal and family orchards
  • Corporate farms
  • Local-government units (LGUs)
  • Colleges and Universities

Why You’ll Love Us

  • Wide selection of tropical fruit planting materials
  • Best varieties from around the world
  • Excellent customer service from our team

Contact Us

  • Mobile Phone: 0905 3183202, 0921 3952390, 0921 8226924
  • Email: losbanosplantnursery@gmail.com
  • Give us a call or send us an email for inquiries or to set an appointment

  • Address: Jamboree Road, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines